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Monday, May 9, 2011

Putting up with the rain

the rain, as in this quote by Dolly Parton on morning sickness :

" if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain"

yes. and this is exactly what i am doing now.

i hope it'll be over as i reach the second trimester mark. the nausea, diarrhea, vomiting as well as digestion problem had kept me off work and in bed. the second worst was last week, doctor had to write me a week-long medical leave. lucky i have jay who stayed beside me the whole week.

please excuse the long pause from blogging, the only comfortable position for me was lying on my side, keeping my eyes closed. i had stopped taking the morning sickness pills, i don't like the effect on my body. it got me high and i don't like it.

i am feeling much better today, while that, i think i should do a recap on last week.

on April 28th, jay and i celebrated our 13th year together. he took me up a winding road and we ended up at a restaurant on a hill, with the view of kuala lumpur. food was the greatest, ambiance was perfect. he surprised me. i love that kind of surprise!

on April 29th, jay and i reunite with my side of the family. everyone was at home. fabulous. owh and i made chocolate chip cookies for my dear husband who craved for it. my sister mimie and i made enough cookies to fill five cookie tins, just enough for everyone to take their shares home. and jay finished the whole tin within two days. got to make some more when we go back to shah alam again. mimie said the cookies were delicious, if God willing we might make extra to sell for Eid. i will be about 7 months pregnant then, if nothing gets in the way, maybe i will help.

on May 2nd, i started to feel unwell. i was getting evening sickness instead of the usual. i couldn't sleep the whole night, i woke up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. i just wanted to sleep in the bathroom instead.

on May 3rd, jay took the day off to take me to the clinic. was given two days of medical leave so i can rest at home because of the not-much-the-doctor-can-give-me-for-fast-healing-except-to-drink-a-lot-of-water-and-rest.

on May 5th, i was not getting any better.jay again took the day off and we went to clinic. i was given some medications to help keep food down, which i took for 2 days and stopped. i focused on natural remedy which made me feel a lot better.

on May 7th, i was feeling a lot better that i managed to tag along with jay to go see his favorite DJ performed at Sunway. felt great meeting old friends.

on May 8th, though i am just a mother to be, jay treated me to a nice time for Mother's day. he is so amazing.

i am back at work today, on May 9th. i hope i will be alright through out this week. i will be seeing my doctor again this Friday for routine check up.

AJ is 10 weeks and 3 days today. i hope AJ is all good in my belly. i will be scanning again in two weeks time when i am scheduled to meet my OB-GYN for 3-months check up next May 23rd. jay and i couldn't wait. i bet AJ has grown. i have a baby bump already, I LOVE IT. amazing how i have this little 'US' inside my body now. God is great.

feeling all fine (for now, and hoping it will last longer) and blessed,

AJ's mommy. :)

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