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Thursday, May 19, 2011

we met again * entry for lil AJ*

My dear baby AJ,

mommy and daddy were not supposed to meet you yet until next monday May 23rd, but because mommy had a little accident last Sunday May 15th, daddy had to rush mommy to mommy's OB-GYN so she can check on you.

when mommy had the accident, mommy feared the worst for you. but daddy didn't. he had a strong feeling that you'll be fine. but because what had happened to mommy was not the usual, we didn't waste any time.

i bet you heard how fast mommy's heartbeat was beating. it almost felt like it was going to burst out from my chest. but daddy stayed calm next to mommy. poor daddy, mommy squeezed daddy's hand so hard.

mommy's OB-GYN, Dr. Zunita was not in that day, so mommy met Dr. Siti. She was just as nice as Dr. Zunita, but she had this serious face on. She told mommy not to worry. when Dr. Siti was scanning mommy's belly to look for you, mommy couldn't look at the monitor. daddy had to come sit very close to mommy.

and then she found you.

i was holding my breath, and right when Dr. Siti showed mommy your very fast heart beat, mommy was so relieved! and then a few seconds later, you bounced! only mommy and Dr. Siti saw you did that because daddy happened to look away when you did. i melted!

you must have felt sorry daddy didn't get to see you bounced the first time so you bounced again. and yes daddy did saw you! and then daddy melted too. after that you just didn't stop bouncing! is there a trampoline in mommy's belly? and was it you who gave mommy all the gases? owh well, gas or no gas, mommy has a permanent smile on my face. because you are so adorable!

my SYUKUR to the Al-Mighty that you are safe and is active in my belly. mommy and daddy went home smiling, and daddy kept showing to mommy how you bounced.

owh and do you know? mommy's getting evening sickness now, but it's all good though, because mommy knows these hormones are good for your growth. and guess who else got it? that's right. daddy did! he only started yesterday!

today, you are 11 weeks and 6 days. when you were at 11 weeks and 3 days, you were 4.7cm in length. you're growing so fast! and tomorrow you will be 3 months. only 6 months to go before we welcome you in this world!

you are one busy baby now bouncing around in mommy's belly. pick up more skills so you can show to mommy and daddy the next time we meet. can you hear daddy's voice when he speaks to you? daddy speaks to you everyday now. he is super excited as always. get use to it okay?

our next meeting is a month from now, already mommy and daddy can't wait for the day already. Surprise us more, okay sweetheart!

you give mommy nothing but sweet dreams to dream at night. :D

i love you with all my heart (and so is daddy!)

your mommy

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