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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Of sleeping with KROKODIL, a very shy baby and What to Expect When Expecting

a recap of the last weeks i missed to write.

17 weeks into my pregnancy, when my appetite is back to normal, i began to have sleeping problems. 1) it is getting to bed itself. i can't doze off on my own, i need jay to rub my back to make me sleepy. 2) getting back to sleep after the trip to the loo. 3) trying to sleep with jay snoring next to me, and 4) backaches.

my solutions, for 1) and 3) is to get jay to rub my back and sleep before he does. for 2) is to wake jay up and have a chat until i fall back to sleep. and for 4), is to sleep with Naufal's KROKODIL, my version of pregnancy pillow.

17 weeks into my pregnancy, i was hoping AJ would show mommy and daddy if it's the female version of AJ or the male version of AJ. so we went for O&G visit last Thursday to find out. jay and i had repeatedly told AJ to show mommy and daddy this and "don't be shy". but when the time came, AJ got its legs crossed. not wanting to show mommy and daddy at all. there were times when AJ previewed but before Dr. Zarina could take a look, AJ crossed its leg back. owh well, maybe on the next check up we'll be able to find out. Please show to mommy and daddy, okay?

I have now started browsing online baby stores and comparing prices, just to make sure we got the best deal. and because some things are much better viewed live than online, we decided to drop by at One Baby World outlet in Taman Permata. So we were there last Thursday after the checkup, and i can tell you this, i can stay there forever. there were so many things to look at. it's not like i haven't been to Mothercare or any other baby stores, it's just that the things sold here are one of a kind thing and i never actually go through these things before when i visited Mothercare or the like. As for jay who has recently developed an interest towards the many kinds and types of strollers, stayed at the strollers section and went through every single stroller. i left him to chat with the salesperson and went to the baby feeding section to go through the feeding bottles. i really love Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature range. i mean, look at this, isn't this cute?
i like the fact that it works just like when you breastfeed your baby, because i plan to breastfeed my baby / feed my baby with ebm exclusively.

AJ will be 18 weeks next week, and apart from babycenter, i also refer to this book, What to Expect when Expecting for all things pregnancy, which i got from my sister in law, Ida.

Put being shy to show mommy and daddy that 'thing' aside, AJ is doing fine and is growing healthily, Alhamdullilah. Nothing more we need than to see that little heart beating when we did the ultrasound scan.and it's a bonus when AJ shows us a skill or two. Recently AJ was already in its upside down position, could AJ be anticipating birth already? but coming from Dr. Zarina, she said AJ is more than normal, and that is enough to put a smile on our faces.

i will be in my 5th month as i go into 18th week next week, only 22 weeks left. i hope everything will be smooth for us, thank you to those who keeps us in their prayers. may The Al-Mighty send His blessings your way.

until next time, take good care and be happy always.