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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

all about AJ

I was scheduled to go for the MGTT (Modified Glucose Tolerance Test) last Thursday at my 20th week. i had to take this test because my mom has diabetes, and not for other reasons (rapid weight gain, high sugar level in urine, etc). I am super terrified about taking this test, and it's not the result that i am worried about (because i am not into sweet things that much) but more on the blood withdrawal. i am okay with blood withdrawal from the arm, but not from pricking your index finger! (which in this case, yes it'll be from my index finger, twice).

Because my MGTT is at 8am, my husband jay could not come with me. and because i have O&G appointment in between that ( i have two hours gap before the second blood withdrawal ), jay had missed the chance to see AJ during the ultrasound scan.

the glucose drinking was not so bad after all. i took my sister's advice - "to drink it all in one breath" to avoid getting dizzy from the very sweet drink. my blood result after 2 hours (of taking the drink and nothing else after that) was 6.6 which is in the normal range. Thank God! no need to repeat the test!

anyway, before i said my good bye to jay that morning, i told him this, "if AJ wants us to know whether AJ is a girl or boy today, AJ will show it to me and i will tell you," then i added this, "but if AJ is not showing to me at all, that means, AJ wants you to be present and then only will AJ reveal."

so i was excited to see AJ ( i always do! and, who doesn't? ) especially now that i have started to feel AJ in me ( and jay has, too ). the O&G of the day was Dr. Gouri, a very nice lady too. i love nice lady O&Gs they made me very comfortable! :) So Dr. Gouri was measuring AJ head's circumference (HC) , Femur length (FL), Biparietal Diameter (BPD) and my abdominal circumference (AC). while doing this i asked Dr. Gouri " Can we see if it's a boy or a girl", and then Dr. Gouri said, "let's see..."

So she went from left to right, looking for AJ's 'thing'. then she said " Your baby now tengah kangkang, you see these are its legs," yes. AJ was clearly spreading its legs. and i thought i saw a 'stick' in between...

"Hmm... it's a ... hmm wait. i'm not going tell you. i mean i don't want to have the umbilical cord mistaken for what could be a boy. this is your first baby, so i don't want to give you high hope. you know what i mean? give it another month. then it'll be clearer." Dr. Gouri said this followed with a big smile.

Alright, alright.give it another month then.

It's frustrating, really. ( no, not really, i just wish to know in advance, that's all. i mean, who doesn't?)

so i called jay after the scan. " I knew it!"

"Knew what?"

"I knew AJ didn't want to show it to you because I am not around", Owh that. right. Hahahahaha it hit me right in the face!

A boy or a girl, it really doesn't matter to us. All we pray for is a healthy baby! and from what Dr. Gouri showed and calculated of AJ, yes Alhamdullilah, AJ is growing according to it's gestational age. :)

So if you want to know if i'm having a boy or a girl, wait for my next update, then. Hopefully i am able to reveal by then. ( if AJ lets me know this )

Till then you take care!

P/S : but i really thought i saw a tiny stick!

Lots of love!

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