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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Are you a boy or a girl?

Let's see if AJ will show to mommy this Thursday July 14th, 2011 during O&G Visit as well as my appointment for Modified Glucose Tolerance Test (MGTT). I have to take this test earlier because i have a family history of Diabetes. Hopefully all is well, i am not so much of a sugar (or anything sugary/sweet) fan, but you'll never know until you test. i have done a glucose test prior to my pregnancy and i have normal sugar level in my blood, so i hope diabetes is not an issue during my pregnancy.

I can feel AJ's movement now (or denyutan) . Once i didn't feel AJ, i put Ayat Kursi on, attached a headphone to my belly and turned the volume higher than normal. It must have caught AJ by surprise. AJ kicked me so hard I felt like AJ's legs or hands were going to come out from my belly! Padan muka kena terajang dengan anak sendiri...hehehehehe

Anyway, I can't wait for AJ to 'kick a little harder' so daddy can feel AJ too! Soon i guess as we will go into our 20th week this Friday! Thank you all who keeps us in their prayers. May the Al-Mighty repay you with good health, wealth, and happiness!

Keeping my fingers crossed (hoping that AJ will show that 'thing') and praying for the best.

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