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Thursday, July 28, 2011

of babymoon, birthday celebration, and a "bird"

i have been wanting to go away for babymoon for a very long time now, and thanks to the impromptu birthday gift cum holiday invitation from my dearest sister mimie, we hit the east coast last Saturday for babymoon and my birthday celebration. and because jay's birthday falls in the month of Ramadhan, we decided to share the celebration. The birthday gift was a 3 days-2 nights stay at Awana Kijal.

i have earlier planned a getaway to Cherating as i reached my 4th month, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel the trip. Yes i wanted to hit the beach before I deliver AJ.

so when Mimie offered us to come home to Terengganu with her, jay couldn't say no plus mimie's boyfriend Shazz was coming too so they're going to do lots of water activities together. i am limiting myself to the pool only.

Guess who was more excited about the trip?

yes. our little one. AJ.

AJ was kicking me almost all the time. i began to wonder if AJ ever sleeps at all.

Owh i miss Terengganu! i miss eating Kembung Celup Tepung and Sotong Celup Tepung di tepi pantai Paka. It's funny the place we went to have these was just in front of my husband's house when he was living Paka but he didn't even know of its existance. During our stay, jay told AJ about our histories and memories there. i couldn't help but smiling...

We left Kijal on my birthday. yes i turned 28 last July 25th. Thank you all for the wishes. we left Terengganu with a very very heavy heart. i cried when i have to say good bye to my sisters. ( two of my sisters are staying there ) :( and i cried just as we reached ampang! ( because it was my birthday and i missed everyone!)

Okay enough with the sad part.

Now, the best part.

I think it's normal to check on the baby after a long travel, so we went to my O&G to check on AJ.

Before that, Jay told AJ to "show to daddy".

So Dr. Zarina measured AJ's femur length, head circumference, and abdomen circumference first to determine AJ's weight. AJ is growing according to its gestational age, and weights about 372grams (at 21 weeks).

When that's done, Dr Zarina started looking for that thing. AJ was showing it to us again, just like the last time when it was just me attending the O&G visit. and this time, Dr Zarina was still unsure but we did see a "bird". it's twice now that we saw a bird, so yes i have an instinct that i am going to have a boy.

because there's an old-wives tale, ( and as told by my sister ) that if i am going to have a girl, my baby would kick me when i hold my niece, Keisya. but now, AJ doesn't kick when i play with Keisya. So is AJ a boy?

My mom is so happy if i am having a boy. that will be her second grandson, i only have one nephew and three nieces. my mother in law on the other hand is hoping for a girl. hmmmmm.... what matters the most is, that my AJ is healthy and cukup sifat!

P/s : I secretly want a boy!

lots of love,


Nadya said...

yeayyy geng aydan..hehe

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

yayy. geng! i don't mind girl or boy but for 1st child, i'd prefer a boy. alhamdulillah.. can't wait to see ur baby. take care babe.. :)