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Monday, August 15, 2011

A 'Dear AJ' letter

Dear AJ,

Tomorrow is daddy's birthday! What should we surprise him with?

Ideas, please come to mommy and AJ!

Lots of love,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

16 weeks and 3 days to go!

Hi everyone,

my little angel AJ is 165 days so far.

only 115 days to go!

Salam Ramadhan to all Muslims.

AJ has been fasting with me for 2 days now. i was not able to fast on the first 7 days because i was on medication, and Alhamdulillah managed to finish fasting on the 8th day.

i am so proud of AJ. my little angel has been behaving well. Thank you sayang!

while i am working, i put Asma Ul-Husna on headphone for AJ to listen to.

owh and the little one likes Micheal Jackson's Earth Song too! (i put on the instrumental version which sounds more classical)

that will be all for now, will find time to write again soon!

stay well during Ramadhan!

Yours truly -
the (not so) ecstatic mommy to be (because berpuasa, hehehe),