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Monday, October 31, 2011

the 36th week

it is finally here.

we're reaching the end.

and soon, my son will be here.

a prayer answered.

a wish granted.

i can feel him even more now. could he be anticipating birth too?

i know i am. i simply can't wait to meet him. i'm going to say, "Hello, Sayang!" or maybe "Hello, little guy!"

i wonder if he looks like me. i scoured for my baby photos the other day and imagined that it is him i am looking at, instead of me.

jay thought he'll have my face too. but of course, with a little bit of him here and there.

only 4 weeks to go....

or maybe just 2. please pray for me and little Muhammad! ( it's a name hint : yes, we agreed he'll be a Muhammad something, since daddy isn't one. but nickname AJ remains. grin! )

lots of love from Mommy AJ,