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Sunday, January 8, 2012

6 weeks, already?

how time flies so so so so fast.

my son is 45 days old today. and THAT means two things:

one, my 44 days of confinement has ended! it didn't feel so bad. what i hate the most was the food restriction. other than that i'm doing okay.

two, i am starting work soon. i wonder if i can do this: (go to work and leave my son in the loving care of my beautiful mother)... mau meraung gue. i wish i can take my son to work, or even better, if i can place him in my bag. he's too adorable and i need him every minute!

we took my little boy to his pediatrician yesterday for his second dose of hep B jab. he screamed for a while only. i had expected an unstopable, inconsolable, loud cry but no. owh my strong little boy!

his measurement at 6weeks are:

head circumference : 35cm (at birth: 33cm)
length/height : 55cm (at birth: 53cm)
weight : 4.7kg (at birth : 2.6kg)

major improvement! owh and no more signs of neonatal jaundice! (because he was vacuumed out, my son had heavy jaundice. his serum bilirubin reading at day 6 of liFe was 326)

i am not much of a photo uploader, nor a photographer, i don't have much photos of my son now with me (in this netbook). and while i wait for jay to upload some photos for me, here i have a photo of me and my son taken by my sister. (it is also on my facebook page)

call me crazy or silly, but i am so in love with my son! it's like falling in love all over again, with another man! i love you my little boy A.J (and your daddy too, of course!) so so so much!

lots of love from mommy,

Friday, January 6, 2012

the story about the little boy

Hello everyone!

First of all, please forgive me for the very very very overdue update!

and yes, i have safely given birth to my son, Muhammad Aaryan on November the 24th, 2011 at 11.46pm, at KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital, Shah Alam, via vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery.

why vacuum-assisted delivery?

because, first of all, my labour was induced. i had to give birth at week 39 because of the high blood pressure i was getting towards the end of my pregnancy. doctor said it's not safe to wait until the due date which is November the 30th, so we settled to go into labour on November the 24th instead.

at 3.00pm my obgyn Dr. Siti came to my room and inserted a tablet up my you-know-where. that meant to start my labour. at 5.00pm, i experienced my first contraction. at 6.00pm, it became frequent. at 7.00pm, i couldn't take it anymore, the nurse offered pethidine shot to me. at 8.00pm i was pushed to the labour room and was given the shot there.

i thought pethidine can help me. NO IT DIDN'T! it was probably because my labour was induced, it was not the kind of pain i am supposed to experience. i took gas as well, but that didn't help. what actually helped was the fact that jay rubbed back whenever i feel the contraction, as well as the dua i recited everytime without fail.

so at 9.00pm, my opening was already 8cm. at 10.00pm, doctor was called to come because i was already 9cm opened. then started the shows, my water broke. and the pushing began. jay had to help me 'push' by pushing me forward. at 11.30pm i was still high on pethidine that i couldn't focus to push hard, doctor decided to vacuum my son out. after two pushes, at 11.46pm my little boy finally came out, he was placed on my belly. He weighs at 2.6kg, and measures at 53cm. i touched him and at that instance, i cried tears of joy. then he was taken when jay cut the umbilical cord. right after, jay performed the azan.

so that's my story. part 1 of my story. more to come. i can't continue now, my hands are full! Aaryan is so adorable, i can't leave his side!

until then!