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Sunday, January 8, 2012

6 weeks, already?

how time flies so so so so fast.

my son is 45 days old today. and THAT means two things:

one, my 44 days of confinement has ended! it didn't feel so bad. what i hate the most was the food restriction. other than that i'm doing okay.

two, i am starting work soon. i wonder if i can do this: (go to work and leave my son in the loving care of my beautiful mother)... mau meraung gue. i wish i can take my son to work, or even better, if i can place him in my bag. he's too adorable and i need him every minute!

we took my little boy to his pediatrician yesterday for his second dose of hep B jab. he screamed for a while only. i had expected an unstopable, inconsolable, loud cry but no. owh my strong little boy!

his measurement at 6weeks are:

head circumference : 35cm (at birth: 33cm)
length/height : 55cm (at birth: 53cm)
weight : 4.7kg (at birth : 2.6kg)

major improvement! owh and no more signs of neonatal jaundice! (because he was vacuumed out, my son had heavy jaundice. his serum bilirubin reading at day 6 of liFe was 326)

i am not much of a photo uploader, nor a photographer, i don't have much photos of my son now with me (in this netbook). and while i wait for jay to upload some photos for me, here i have a photo of me and my son taken by my sister. (it is also on my facebook page)

call me crazy or silly, but i am so in love with my son! it's like falling in love all over again, with another man! i love you my little boy A.J (and your daddy too, of course!) so so so much!

lots of love from mommy,


Nadya said...

hehehe...cant believe ur a mommy now!welcome to the most wondeful club ever created!=D
i took extra leave..unpaid some more.too worried to leave him yet..huhu

hope u'll do well..all the best!

Ushna said...

i know i can't believe it too! thsnk you so much! i am thinking of doing the same, to take extra leave and look after him. maybe i will. thanks for the advice, Nadya!