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Friday, February 17, 2012

little boy blue

Two weeks in since i started working.

I still wish i can just be with my son rather than in the office, but hey, which mom doesn't?
but i am surviving the 7am - 6.30pm period being away from my baby boy.

I have a nice quiet time watching my son's video while i express my milk at work, so i am very happy about that.
Yes, i am fully breastfeeding AJ as of now, and determined to do so until he's 2 years old.

We were at AJ's pediatrician's last weekend to get his 3rd month vaccine jab which consisted of DTP,HIB and ORAL POLIO (1st dose). AJ's a big boy and very strong. He screamed only when the fluid was pushed in through the syringe, and not when the needle inserted his left thigh. And he didn't scream after that as well! Minutes later he fell asleep.

No fever, either!

At 2nd month, the 3rd week, AJ's development is as below:

weight : 5.7kg
length : 60cm
HC : 40cm

which are all above average, and Dr. Ling, AJ's pediatrician, said,"Growth, very satisfactory".

Other developments:

He talks. so much. it's as though there's something really important/interesting he wants us to know.
He smiles. He would smile back when i smile at him.
He turns when he hears his name being called.
He loves to watch TV. and anything moving. like his mobile.
He can stand on his feet.
He holds his neck firmly.
He cries less now, he's almost out of the Colic phase.

AJ turns 3 months next week. Soon, he'll turn 4 months old, the next will be 5 and so on.
i wish i don't miss it when AJ starts rolling. or crawling. and most importantly when he starts saying," MAMA "
(because no baby can say mommy properly at first, right?it's always MAMA and DADA)

meanwhile, here's AJ at 2months.

so do you think he looks like me? or my husband?

1 comment:

sUYA said...

Ya Allah, Alang, he's got both of you and it's so obvious!!

Dear AJ,
You should know that you are so lucky to have such a great mum and a great dad ;)