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Thursday, February 2, 2012

mad about the boy

Today is my third day of work after my confinement has ended.

IT IS HARD being away from my little boy. I miss him every minute we are apart. Quick calls I made to the babysitter's doesn't help either (well , it helped a bit, knowing my son is fine and in good hands) I wish my little boy can come to the phone and say, "Mommy come home quick, i miss you!"

little AJ is everything i imagined he would be. he's super adorable! ( well doesn't all mothers think of their babies that way! ) I would write everything about him but first, let me tell you all about his name selection.

My husband and i named him Muhammad Aaryan, because of its meaning.

Aaryan comes from the Indian word which means Illustrious, from the Persian word which means Strong, from the Sanskrit word which means Shu veer and Gentleman, and also the UTMOST STRENGTH.

From other source, (my Indian colleague, Moorthy) Aaryan means the best of the best, the people who came into India and changed the Indians.

Yes, Aaryan is more of an Indian name, at least, the word Aaryan came from that part of the world. It may not be a common Muslim name, but because Aaryan is our utmost strength, we chose to stick to this name selection. To us, if we teach Aaryan the right way to become a faithful Muslim, anak Soleh, InsyaAllah, that is who he will turn out to be.

Meanwhile, this is a picture of him, taken from my sister's IPAD. tengah sedap tido.

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