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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


i have been wanting to update, many many many many times. but AJ is growing up everyday, and i am not with him for many hours in a day ( because i work ) so at night, or when i am at home, i demand my time with AJ so i can catch up. no internet, no TV. just some quality time with family dearest.

now i know how a mother feels. and how a mother feels? i cant describe. be a mother then you'll know, then you'll understand why mothers do what they do, the important decisions that they make, the things they sacrifice, the risk they take. i can cry just looking at the collection of EBM i get at the end of each day. not tears of frustration, but tears of joy, tears of being thankful that i am able to provide the best for my son. Something i thought is not possible, before i had the knowledge of breastfeeding. i was devastated when my period began immediately after i finished my confinement. i thought when you're breastfeeding exclusively, you will not get your period until you stop breastfeeding. but i only just began. so imagine how frustrated i was. and then i realize i am still producing milk, and there was no signs of the supply going low. so i continued to adapt the demand & supply concept of breastfeeding, and did not want to get stressed over this. I have googled about breastfeeding and menstruation and pretty satisfied with the explanation.

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for granting me the strength and the will. i have been breastfeeding my son for close to 5 months now, and will continue until he's 2 years of age, or when he self-wean. and i still get that monthly consistent menstruation. Allah please grant me the strength. InsyaAllah. Amin.

meanwhile, the little boy has grown so big. i can't believe it he turns 5 months next week!
Now 4 plus months, AJ can roll on his tummy while lift his head strong. he stands really strong. he starts grabbing things. he starts biting things, as though he's teething. when on his tummy he lifts his butt up so high almost like he's going to start crawling soon. and this creeps me! creeps me in a good way because i am very excited to see he crawls!

owh and cranky at bedtime/nap time. and only with mommy, not with nanny. daddy said he's just trying to bermanja and i said it's because he wants more time with his mommy but he's already sleepy and wants to sleep.

i am super excited to start AJ on solid soon!

enjoy the latest pictures of my little boy! Till then. :)

lots of love from us3

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